November 2018 - 30 Days Of Thanks

During the month of November, Union will participate in 30 Days Of Thanks. We will focus our minds and hearts on gratitude as we prepare for Thanksgiving. This preparation will not only fill our church with praise and thanksgiving, but we will prepare our hearts for the Advent season as well.

There are number of ways you can participate, through sermons, online, and through a mini journaling exercise. Our sermons during November will all come from songs that remind us to be thankful and underscore the many reasons we have to be thankful. We will call the series “Songs Of Thanks.” On Facebook, you will find a frame that we created just for this event. You can find it by clicking here. The page will give you the option of sending the frame to your phone. We encourage you to use this frame on your personal page and post what you are thankful for each day. Finally, Union has created a mini journal where you can record what you are thankful for each day. This is a great option if you are not online or do not have a Facebook account. Of course, you may want to post online and write it down. Whichever ways you choose, we hope that you will participate with your church family as we focus our hearts for “30 Days Of Thanks.”

30 Days Of Thanks Journal

Church Family Thanksgiving Meal

On Sunday, November 18, at 5:30 PM, Union will have a Thanksgiving Meal for the whole church family! The church will supply the turkey and dressing, and you are asked to bring a side dish or two and join us. After dinner, we will have a short time of worship, as we share our blessings and offer thanks to God. We hope you will invite your friends and family and make plans to attend.


Songs of Thanks

As Union enters “30 Days of Thanks” during the month of November, Pastor Jane’s sermon series will also focus our hearts and minds into a spirit of thankfulness. Over the month, we will examine 4 well-loved songs of thanksgiving. We invite you to join us at 11:00 AM each Sunday for worship. You can also find the sermons below.