Union’s Interfaith Hospitality Survey


Union’s first year of hosting for Interfaith Hospitality of Athens (IHNA) was a busy one! We hosted families in transition for 4 weeks during 2018, and we would like your input as we enter into our second year of hosting. Please fill out the form below. If you would like a paper copy of the survey, they are located in the Gathering Space.

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Name (optional)
1. Should Union continue as a partner organization with IHNA? *
2. Does our relationship with IHNA support our church's Mission? *
Union's Mission Statement: We gather before God, we proclaim God's word, we bring our gifts with joy, we gather at Christ's table, and we go forth to love and serve.
3. Please rate your experience as a volunteer or observer. *
4. How easy has it been to get involved with IHNA? *