April 4

I AM the Bread of Life. Ego eimi (I Am) the Bread of Life. These Greek words identify Jesus as God – described for us, his followers, as bread. The first of Jesus’ I AM statements take us directly to the table – the same table we gather around each week. As we gather for worship and the table on Sunday, may our thoughts be specifically focused on what it means for Jesus to be bread for us. How can this bread give us life? Perhaps these song lyrics will guide your thoughts this week and as we gather for worship and the table.

I Am the Bread of Life
I am the Bread of Life
All who eat this Bread will never die
I am God's love revealed
I am broken that you might be healed

All who eat of this heavenly Bread
All who drink this cup of the covenant
You will live forever for I will raise you up

No one who comes to Me shall ever hunger again
No one who believes shall ever thirst
All that the Father draws shall come to Me
And I will give them rest

Songwriters: John Michael Talbot
I Am the Bread of Life lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

-Pastor Jane