November 9

I have just returned to my desk from a morning spent outside as the new steeple was being placed.  It was an amazing process to watch the large crane lift it up from the trailer and hoist it into the air.  Slowly, but surely, it inched upward, until finally it was in position.  The anchors were tightened, the grounding wires were placed, and finally there was only one more thing to do – the most important thing – place the cross on the top.  Once again, the bucket rose from the ground and shortly, we heard a clang – the cross was in place.  The anchor was there.

So it is with our lives.  Our structures can be strong and secure, but it isn’t until the cross takes its position at the head of our lives, that we have a beacon to anchor our lives.  As you move through your days, it is my prayer that you will always hold the cross as your anchor.

 -Pastor Jane