November 22

Happy Thanksgiving. I pray that your time with your families this week will be restorative and blessed. Sunday night we gathered to give thanks to God for the blessings of the past year. I’d like to share some words with you from the video that was a part of our service. May these words be true for you this Thanksgiving week.

What if today each of us decided in our hearts to become a more thankful person.
What if no matter what, we chose to live out the words,
“Don’t worry. Instead pray about everything. With thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.”

Life is a journey full of adventure, love, hope, and success.
But life is also full of troubles, pain, failure, and worry.
It’s easy to allow life and all its worries to swallow up all thought of God and God’s goodness.
But what would happen if we chose to give thanks for EVERYTHING,
At all times. In all circumstances.

Colors would seem brighter. Relationships would grow stronger.
Our perspective would become healthier. Life would be fuller.
Giving thanks is the easiest way to open ourselves to the abundance of life.
Giving thanks is a vital part of living.
Decide today, no matter what, to live a more thankful life.


~Pastor Jane