December 27

Advent – the four weeks of waiting for the coming of the Messiah, is behind us. Or is it? We have spent these days counting down and waiting for Christmas - a day of celebration of the coming of the Christ Child, the coming of the Light into the world. Do we put it all behind us now and move on?

No. This week in worship we come to the story of Simeon and Anna found in Luke 2:22-40. We find them in the temple, waiting, waiting, waiting – for years - to see the Messiah. Finally, Mary and Joseph bring their new baby to the temple to be presented to the Lord and all their years of anticipation are finally rewarded. Simeon and Anna finally see Jesus.

What are you anticipating in this new year? Could you, like Anna and Simeon, live each day with anticipation of the Messiah in your own life? What a difference it will make!

~Pastor Jane