March 29

This Sunday in worship we will explore the story of Lazarus found in John 11. As you can imagine, this account is filled with a trove of details, any of which would make a sermon. Our focus this week will ask the question:  Why did Jesus wait two full days before going to Lazarus?  This is such a small detail that we could almost miss it.  Why did Jesus wait?

Have you ever felt that you are “on hold” with God?  None of us enjoy waiting, but when it seems that perhaps God doesn’t hear our prayers, or God just doesn’t care, or God is silent, what are we to think?  How do we live while waiting?

Author Jerome Daley has written a book entitled When God Waits: Making Sense of Divine Delays. From the opening words of praise for the book, written by friends and other authors, we read words that describe this time of waiting:

We experience the beauty, presence, and purpose of God in the waiting period and that God is just as amazing then as God is at any other time.

I hope you will join us on Sunday as we talk about the lessons we can learn and the great gifts we can receive as we wait.

 -Pastor Jane