August 30

We have all been overwhelmed by the unprecedented pictures coming from the ongoing presence of Hurricane Harvey.  We have seen images from Houston that seem impossible to fathom, all the while knowing that there are also untold stories from other smaller communities that are affected.  Recovery will take years and billions of dollars.  Do you feel a need to respond, but don’t know how?

I was a part of the recovery effort from Hurricane Katrina at my church in Alabama, miles and miles from the coast.  We received mounds of donations andhundreds and hundreds of refugees, as we were a Red Cross outpost.  Our church gym was overrun with stuffed animals and thousands of pounds of used clothes.  To be honest, everyone who donated was doing so with the purest of intention, but I quickly learned that “stuff” is not what was needed.  “Stuff” overwhelmed us as caregivers and didn’t speak to the bigger picture.  What was needed was money, on the ground, locally, where those who lived there and served there knew the specific needs of the people.

Week of Compassion is the Disciples ministry arm that works with people on the ground when there are natural disasters.  Every penny that is given to this offering goes to where it is needed most.  This Sunday, September 3 and next Sunday, September 10, wewill take up a special offering during worship for Week of Compassion and its ministry to those affected by Hurricane Harvey and will designate it solely for that.

I encourage you to join me in PRAYING continually for the affected communities, and if you would like, DONATING to relief and recovery efforts through Week of Compassion.

~Pastor Jane