September 20

Have you ever felt like complaining, whining, or griping to God?  For many people, this feeling might erupt when life just doesn’t seem fair.  Perhaps you have served God your entire life, and then life throws you a curve ball; maybe you lost your job, or a family member got sick.  The words, “It’s just not fair!” might find their way into your mind.

Do you ever feel this way?  This premise is being fed constantly in our culture today as we often find ourselves divided between “us” and “them.”  “They” don’t work as hard as I do, and yet, are handed things on a silver platter.  “They” receive what seem to be handouts, while I work all the time just to make ends meet. These thoughts are the basis for the parable that will guide our thoughts during worship this Sunday.  The story told by Jesus in Matthew 20:1-16, seems to run headlong into what we understand as fairness. 

I hope you will join us as we delve into a story that has been described as “the most hated parable in the Bible.”  

~Pastor Jane