October 1

This past month has brought us storm after storm and we are reminded daily of needs that almost overwhelm us.  Angry words are being tossed about like waves on a beach.  Countries are back and forth at each other, threatening war.  Families are in turmoil.  The world seems to be caught in a giant crescendo.  Do you ever wonder in the midst of the chaos, “Where is God?” When that question rolls around in our mind, we are reminded that God has promised he will never leave us.  This promise is found over and over in scripture.  Deuteronomy 31:6 and Hebrews 13:5 are just two of many places.

 I would like to share a poem with you this month by one of my favorite authors, Ted Loder.  I find it comforting as we walk through these days.

God...Are You There?

God…are you there?
I’ve been taught,
           and told I ought
                         to pray.
But the doubt
            won’t go away;
yet neither
            will my longing to be heard
My soul sighs
            too deep for words.
Do you hear me?
God…are you there?

Are you where love is?
I don’t love well,
            or often,
                             or anyone.
But, when I do,
            when I take the risk,
there’s a sudden awareness
             of all I’ve missed;
and it’s good,
             it’s singing good.
For a moment
             life seems as it should.
But, I forget, so busy soon,
             That it was,
                       or what
                              or whom.

Help me!
God…are you there?