December 19

As we approach these next few days, filled with Christmas Sunday and Christmas Eve, may we all remember and give thanks for the Light of the World, the Star of Morning – God’s son, Jesus. I pray these words from Ted Loder from his collection of prayers, Guerrillas of Grace, will bless you during this season.  May we always strive to  “nourish the light” in our own lives.
Let the Star of Morning Rise
Lord God,
in the deepest night
there rises the star of morning,
          of birth,
                    the herald of a new day you are making,
a day of great joy dawning
          in yet faint shafts
                    of light and love.
I hear whispers of peace in the stillness,
          fresh breezes of promise
winter sparrows
          chirping of life,
a baby’s cry
          of need
                    and hope –
In the darkness I see the light
          and find in it comfort,
                              cause for celebration,
for the darkness cannot overcome it;
and I rejoice to nourish it
          in myself,
                    in other people,
                              in the world
for the sake of him
          in whom it was born
                    and shines forever,
                              even Jesus the Christ.

 -Pastor Jane