March 1

The month of March brings images of new birth to the forefront of our minds. We see tentative blossoms on trees and plants. We feel the warming air; see the vivid blue sky; hear the song of the returning birds. We are in the season of Lent, but the joy of Easter and Christ’s resurrection are just on the horizon. It feels like “almost, but not quite.”

It is in these days of waiting that God’s presence can become most real to us. This month, “new birth” will wear the clothes of families with children. We will open our building to these families - providing them a warm, safe bed and a hot meal – as we host our first week of Interfaith Hospitality Network. Months of prayer, planning, and preparation have gone in this upcoming week. Just like the spring, something new is being born in our church and we are simply the caretakers of God’s wonderful work.

Holy Week comes to us the final week of March and we will have the opportunity to spend that week in both joyful celebration and deep grief, as we remember the great sacrifice Christ made for us. As that week comes to an end, we will remember Jesus’ last meal with the disciples by the re-creation of The Living Last Supper. And, as the month ends, and the light of April comes, we will welcome the resurrection.

My prayer for us all is that we travel through this month with intentionality, listening for God’s voice in the quiet and in this new birth. I share with you a portion of a poem by Ted Loder that calls to us all this month.

Catch Me In My Scurrying, Lord
by Ted Loder

Catch me in my mindless scurrying, Lord,
and hold me in this Lenten season:
hold my spirit to the beacon of your grace
and grant me light enough to walk boldly,
to feel passionately,
to love aggressively;
grant me peace enough to want more,
to work for more
and to submit to nothing less,
and to fear only you…
only you!

-Pastor Jane