June 27

A study released on October 8, 2013, confirms the importance of human touch to healthy brain development. Researchers in the UK found that loving touch, characterized by a slow caress or gentle stroking plays a big part in creating and sustaining a healthy sense of self. Much like the instinct to lovingly pet an animal, gently touching another person is a reflexive gesture that happens automatically in healthy, loving relationships between a parent and a child, romantic partners, and affectionate close friends. We all know from first-hand experience that being touched makes us feel safe and comfortable in our environment.

This Sunday, we will explore the importance of touch through two incidents in the life and ministry of Jesus. In Mark 5:21-43, we will hear the stories of how Jesus healed two women through touch – the daughter of Jairus, and a woman who is known simply as the woman with the flow of blood. I hope to see you as we learn from The Story of Two Touches.

-Pastor Jane