September 19

This Sunday, I will be away celebrating an important milestone. First Baptist Church in Knoxville, Tennessee is the church David and I served from November 1993-October 2002 and is where our children grew up. We moved there in 1993 as the church was nearing the conclusion of celebrating their 150th year. And now, 25 years later, they are spending this year commemorating 175 years of faithful ministry on West Main Street. As a part of this year-long celebration, they have invited former pastors to return and preach during a Sunday morning worship service and this coming Sunday is the day David will be preaching. We are both thrilled to be going back, having the opportunity to see old friends, and remembering a season of ministry in our lives.

In my absence, Stacy Pardue will be preaching this Sunday. She is the Assistant Director of Interfaith Hospitality Network, and I think it is only appropriate that she preaches on the Sunday we begin our third week of hosting Interfaith families in our building. I know you will make Stacy welcome and hear her joyfully.

-Pastor Jane