October 2

Sunday is World Communion Sunday. This year at Union, we will be celebrating by using bread from other cultures and by having other cultures represented in the communion table setup. I would like to share with you some words about this very important day from Illustrated Ministry.

“World Communion Sunday is celebrated every year on the first Sunday in October. Though it started in a Presbyterian church in the United States in the 1930s, it is now an ecumenical event recognized by different denominations across the globe. This Sunday celebrates our connections to one another.

When we participate in communion, we come to our own places of worship, drink from the cup, and eat the bread provided by our own churches. But Jesus tells us that every time we take communion, we also connect with him and everyone else gathering for communion. Within this ordinary act of our regular lives, we glimpse the Heavenly banquet where all will sit at one table together.

On World Communion Sunday, we recognize and celebrate that while we may show up to different churches on Sunday mornings, and while we may come from different traditions and even live worlds apart, we are still one family bound up together in the love of Christ. World Communion Sunday is about acknowledging our identity as one family. As a family, we are called to share what we have with each other, care for one another, and be in relationship amid our differences. This is such an important message to hold in this present time of much division.”

Pastor Jane