July 31

This Sunday I will begin a new sermon series on the topic, Unraveled, looking at biblical stories of people whose lives have unraveled in both joyous and devastating ways. This Sunday, we will hear from Sarah – as her story unravels from heartache, to surprise. Her story, along with that of her husband, Abraham, is found in Genesis 18:1-5 and 21:1-7.

Beginning next week, each Monday I will post the upcoming Sunday’s biblical text on social media and ask you to respond. What are some things the story triggers in your mind? We can have a conversation on Facebook, or by email or text if that suits you better, or even in person. Some questions you might ask as you are reading – What has unraveled in this story? How does God respond to Sarah’s and Abraham’s disbelief and doubt? How does God respond to us when we are closed off to newness?

Theologian Walter Brueggemann writes of this passage, “Laughter is a biblical way of receiving a newness which cannot be explained. The newness is sheer gift – underived, unwarranted.” What might it look like for our disbelief to unravel into joy?

I look forward to worshiping with you on Sunday as we explore these questions and as we celebrate Homecoming 2019!