August 14

We continue our Unraveled series this Sunday, returning to the Old Testament where we will follow the story of Moses and Pharaoh, as Moses tries to obtain justice for the Israelites. We will focus specifically on Exodus 5:1-2 and 7:8-23, but I encourage you to read the entire story found in Exodus 1-12. Moses tries to obtain justice for his people, but Pharaoh refuses. How can this ancient story speak to people of faith today? That question will be our focus this Sunday.

I have a story to tell –
A story of a God who longed for justice.
A story of a God who pushed back the waters to make dry land.
A story of a God who would not take “no” for an answer when it came to the safety of God’s own.
For God’s people were suffering.
God’s people were crying out.
God’s people were shackled and bound by oppression.

So God said to Moses, “Speak.”
“Let my people Go.”
And Moses spoke –
Over and Over again.
Moses stood up for justice,
But over and over again, Pharaoh said no.
Power said no.
The path to justice is never easy, is it?
The path to change is never a straight line, is it?


So like Rosa, who sat on the bus, and Martin who had a dream,
Moses kept trying.
God kept speaking.
Moses kept listening.
Hope kept breathing.
And when power tried to unravel justice,
The people kept dreaming.

God longed for justice.
God still longs for justice.
So let us worship God –
For human injustice will never be strong enough to unravel God’s dream that all might be free,
And all might know love.1

1 Sarah Are. A Sanctified Art. Unraveled. Liturgy for Exodus 5:1-2; 7:8-23.

Image by Lauren Wright Pittman

-Pastor Jane