August 28

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Do you have dreams? As a child, did you dream of making the team, or making the Honor Roll? As you grew up, did you dream of going to that perfect college? What about as an adult? Did you dream of the perfect spouse, perfect job, perfect home, perfect children?

If we are honest with ourselves, we all have dreams – some visible, and others hidden. But what do you do when it becomes obvious your dreams will not come to fruition or perhaps that your dreams will be deferred. Our scripture this Sunday (Jeremiah 29:1-7) tells the story of the Israelites during the Babylonian exile, when they were taken from their homes, lost their identity, and seemingly lost God.

You would think that the prophet Jeremiah would tell them to fight to get back home; to do everything they could to reclaim their land and their heritage. Instead, his message was startling – settle in, build homes, and plant gardens in that foreign land.

Could God have the same message for us when our dreams are deferred? Where does God dwell when we are uprooted? What does God say to us when our dreams unravel? I hope you will join us on Sunday and we explore these questions.