December 21

Christmas is here!!  We have walked together through the season of Advent, anticipating and waiting for the Messiah – the Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.  We began the season by coloring those names, so beautifully depicted on the display in the Gathering Space.  My hope and prayer is that these names have become more than just a name or title for you.  I pray that you have come away with a deeper understanding of who Jesus was, and with this new understanding your life has been changed. 


We have a wonderful opportunity this weekend – one that occurs very rarely.  On Saturday night, we will gather to sing the Christmas hymns and hear the story of the baby, born to save the world.  We will share in communion and sing Silent Night, as we light candles, a beautiful picture of the coming of The Light of the World.  I hope you will join us at 5:00 to share in this wonderful service.  Bring your extended family and experience it together.

Then, on Sunday morning, Christmas Day, we will gather at 11:00 to celebrate the coming of the Christ Child.  Why should you come to church on Christmas Day, when you could so easily stay in your pajamas??  Good question.  There is a blog (Worshiping With Children) I love to read that offers some reasons we need to gather on Sunday.  These reasons are focused toward children, but could apply to all of us.

  • To hear the story read or told in an important way on the “day it happened”
  • To be with a crowd telling the  story
  • To sing the carols at least one more time 
  • To create a context in which to discover the truth about Santa
  • To create memories

I hope to see you Sunday.  Keep the kids in their pajamas and join us in your most festive Christmas sweater.  Christ is born!!!