January 25

This week we continue in our study of the gospel of Matthew with the beginning words from the Sermon on the Mount.  Matthew 5-7 contains the largest block of Jesus’ teachings in one place and over the next few weeks we will be delving deeply into what he said in these chapters.  This week, we begin with Matthew 5:1-12, the Beatitudes. 

Many of you have asked me how Christians should respond to what has been going on in our country as a result of the election.  As you know, there are many different thoughts on how to answer that question.  Personally, I always turn directly to the words of Jesus for guidance.  As you prepare for Sunday, let me encourage you to read the Beatitudes and ponder what Jesus might be saying to you in response to your questions. 

Below you will find these Beatitudes written in child-friendly language, from www.flamecreativekids.blogspot.com.  This simple language speaks to me and I hope it will speak to you!

Blessed are those who are peaceful and try to stop others from fighting...God will call them sons and daughters.

Blessed are those who are kind and forgiving to others...they will be given the same.

Blessed are those who don’t show off but think of others first...they shall be given the earth.

Blessed are those who rely on God’s help...heaven is theirs.

Blessed are people who get in trouble for doing the right thing...God’s kingdom belongs to them.

Blessed are those who try to please God in what they do and think...they will be with God.

Blessed are those who want fairness...God will satisfy them.

Blessed are those who are sad and upset...God will comfort them.

-Pastor Jane