February 1

For my daily walk with God, I use a resource called Sacred Ordinary Days.  It is based on the liturgical year, with scriptures offered each day that come from the Lectionary.  As many of you found as we read through the Bible last year, some Biblical passages can be unfamiliar.  But, in that unfamiliarity, I often find that God speaks to me in a new way.  The book also offers quotes - gleaned from authors, pastors, saints of the past - that call me back to God each day.

I would like to share one particular quote with you this week.  It is printed on a card and has a prominent place in my office, so that I can look at it multiple times per day.  When I am questioning for the hundredth time – why am I doing this particular task?  Or, what is it that God wants me to learn from my daily tasks, this quote speaks to me:

  I offer my prayer as my work...
  My work as my prayer.

As we all go through our day, may our daily prayers be our work; and may our work, no matter what it is, and how insignificant it may seem, be our prayer.

 -Pastor Jane