April 19

What a wonderful Holy Week – Maundy Thursday, Saturday’s Easter Egg Hunt, Sunday’s Sunrise Service, and 11:00 Worship.  I want to share with you some of the numbers for the weekend.  At the Easter Egg Hunt, we had 35 children, plus parents and other adults.  For the Sunrise Service, we had 43 in attendance, with 15 of them “unique” to that service.  And at our 11:00 service, we had 132 in attendance – some even sitting on the front pew because the sanctuary was so full. 

Mixed in among these numbers were 6 families at the Easter Egg Hunt that were new to Union.  We will be following up with them in the near future.  There were also 29 visitors in the 11:00 worship service, many who were extended family members, but some who were local guests to the service.  You can see from these numbers that we have a wonderful opportunity to share the good news of Jesus and the love of Union with some new people.  I encourage you to always keep an eye open for those you may not know, for those who need a smile and a welcoming spirit. 

I will be away this Sunday in North Carolina, celebrating the 2nd birthday of our granddaughter Annabelle on Saturday, and the dedication of her baby brother, Silas, on Sunday.  Our entire family will be there, as well as all of Josh’s family.  It should be a roaring good weekend!  In my absence, Ray Austin will be preaching.  I am so grateful for Ray’s generous spirit in filling the pulpit while I’m gone.  He will have a good word for you on Sunday and I hope you will be here to hear it.

The Barbecue is fast approaching and if you have not signed up to help, please do so by signing up on Sunday or by calling the church office.  We need everyone involved to make this the best Barbecue of the past 80 years!  Don’t forget – commemorative t shirts are available.

My prayers will be with you this weekend as you gather to worship.

 -Pastor Jane