April 26

It is Barbecue Week!  As you read this, we are gearing up to feed Oconee County with good, nourishing food for the 80th year in a row!  As we do each year, all ages will gather to work side-by-side on Friday and Saturday to prepare the feast.  Did you know that each year we begin early afternoon on Friday and work round the clock until Saturday at 6:00 pm?  If you haven’t signed up to help, just come on!  There is plenty of work for everyone.  We especially need people on Friday afternoon to prepare the pots and the fire and on Saturday to stir the hash. 

This Sunday, as is the pattern on Barbecue Sunday, we will not meet for Sunday School, but will gather in the Fellowship Hall for donuts at 10:00 and in the Sanctuary for worship at 11:00 - to remember a good weekend of work and fellowship, and to give thanks to God for all the gifts with which we are blessed.  We will be talking about the Emmaus Road story from Luke 24:13-35.  This is a post-resurrection appearance of Jesus that tells of two men who walk a long distance with him without recognizing who it is.  But, as he enters their home and “breaks bread” to eat with them, suddenly their eyes are opened. 

My prayer is that, like these men, as we “break bread” together at the Barbecue, that Jesus will appear to us; that we will know his presence in our midst; and that we will share the Good News of his love with all those that cross our paths.

Happy 80th Barbecue!

 -Pastor Jane