October 10

Have you ever looked up to the heavens and yelled at God? You may have had a tragic event happen in your family, or you may have lost your job, or the events of these past few weeks have caused you to question where God might be in the churning turmoil. Maybe there was a time when you had just had enough and all you could think to do was yell at God, question God over why certain events had happened, asked God over and over – where are you? Have you disappeared? I am so mad at you!!!

You may hear these words, these questions and think that we should never question God, never ask why, never get mad. But we find in scripture that even Jesus asked why? “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” In other words, God where are you when I need you? These words of Jesus as he was dying on the cross, asked the question that we all ask at one time or another. Those words originally came from the mouth of David in Psalm 22, our Psalm for this week. We don’t know for sure the situation – it could have been as Saul was chasing David to kill him, or it could have been as he was making an important decision as king. Whatever the situation, David felt abandoned by God and so he cries out – where are you God? Why have you left me alone?

This Sunday, we will be exploring this question as we continue in our study of the Psalms. I hope to see you then.

-Pastor Jane