October 3

A month ago, I began sharing with you some insights from a book the Elders are reading together entitled Sailboat Church: Helping Your Church Rethink Its Mission and Practice, by Joan S. Gray. You may remember that the author is exploring the concept that churches fall in one of two categories – Rowboat and Sailboat. Last month I gave an overview description of these two types of churches. This month, I would like to explore more fully a Sailboat Church.

What is a good description of a Sailboat Church? The author offers several attitudes and practices that she feels are markers for this type of church.

She says, Sailboat Churches....

  • experience church as a divine-human partnership

  • make nurturing relationship with Jesus Christ a top priority

  • are Holy Spirit powered

  • live by prayer

  • are shaped and guided by interaction with scripture

  • require spiritual leaders

  • take spiritual realities and resources seriously

  • live to sail

  • are places of transformation

  • teach and practice discernment

In looking over these practices, do you see any areas where we are strong as a church? Are there weaknesses that we need to address? Let’s talk, as we work together toward being God’s church in Oconee County.

-Pastor Jane