May 9

Have you looked in the Fellowship Hall recently? We have a lovely addition I want to tell you about.

Several years ago, Union’s Tuesday morning Craft Group, led by Joyce Beckwith, began creating new Chrismons for the Chrismon tree that graces our sanctuary each Advent. These have a styrofoam base and are covered with pearls, sequins, and jewels in colors of gold and white. Each year they are placed on the tree alongside those that were made in earlier years. These different Chrismons tell the history of the church and are a reminder not only of the Christ Child, but of those saints that have been a part of Union’s history.

This past year the Craft Group took on another task. They have created large Chrismons that are now framed and hanging in the Fellowship Hall. Each one has the name of the Chrismon and a description of its important meaning. I would like to encourage you to take the time and walk around the room – looking at each one and reading about its important meaning for our Christian faith. The word Chrismon comes from the words Christ-monogram. I hope you can learn more about the monograms of Jesus and our faith that grace these walls.

-Pastor Jane