May 2

In 1952, a new holiday was born – National Secretaries’ Day. Over the next few decades, the name changed several times, and it is now called Administrative Professionals’ Day - a day to recognize and honor those who carry the heavy load of administration for organizations like ours. This day is observed the last Wednesday of April each year, and this year that day fell just before Union’s Barbecue. As such, it was overlooked by me and I am so sorry for that!!

Nickie Pearson is Union’s Administrative Assistant and without her, the church would be severely limited in our ministry and mission. She greets those that drop by daily with a smile, produces the bulletin, Midweek, and the monthly newsletter, handles the church ministry software that includes our entire financial system, as well as personal profile changes. Every week, she ministers beautifully with those who come seeking benevolence help, guiding them toward other agencies that can also help, offering them a listening ear, and praying with them. She is the office “point person” for every committee and group, such as Elders and Church Council. She guides our advertising efforts for larger events, posts the sermon and manages the church website, and the list goes on and on.

I am so very grateful for the opportunity to work every day with Nickie. She is a jewel! She makes me a better minister and I am honored to be able to call her my friend. I hope you will take the opportunity to express your gratitude to Nickie this week.

Happy Administrative Professionals’ Day, Nickie – One Week Late!! You are loved.

-Pastor Jane